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In Season 4 Episode 23 of The Fix Sports Podcast, Joseph shines his HBCU spotlight on the Fort Valley State University football team for running through Central State University. Biological women athletes are taking a stand after transgender athletes dominate track and other women's sports. Oakland is getting an Indoor Football League team which will be partially owned by Marshawn Lynch, LeBron James is at odds with the Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey for Morey's Tweets in support of the Hong Kong protesters, NFL corner back Jalen Ramsey is traded to the LA Rams, a high school football coach in Florida faces suspension for helping student-athlete who had no place to go, boxer Patrick Day dies four days after tenth round knockout and severe head injury. The World Series is set after the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros are the last two teams standing. Joseph gives an update on the winners and losers of week 8 in college football and week 7 of the NFL season. UFC fighter Conner McGregor accused of sexual assault for the second time in 12 months. The weekly rant is aimed at former NFL linemen Justin Bannan for being arrested for attempted murder and robbery. Tune in to get your fix!!!

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