The Fix Sports Podcast: Season 4 Episode 30


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In season 4 episode 30 of The Fix Sports Podcast, Joseph shines his HBCU spotlight on the North Carolina A&T University Aggies for winning their third straight Celebration Bowl, and former South Carolina State University star Darius Leonard for making his first Pro Bowl. Loud talking MAGA supporting UFC fighter Covington gets jaw broken by Nigerian opponent Usman. The New England Patriots get caught filming the Cincinnati Bengals sideline, Philadelphia Eagles RB Darren Sproles is retiring. In our Life After Sports segment Joseph interviews Sports Photographer Keith Turner. Joseph updates us on the college football bowl games winner, NFL week 16 winners and the latest NBA scores. The weekly rant is aimed at high school basketball player who said he didn't know he was 29 years old. Tune in to get your fix!!

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