California School Shooting & Suicide, The Rodney Reed Case, Human Trafficking of Athletes in Charlotte


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In this episode of the Freedom Train Podcast Series, Joseph and Patrick welcomed guest host Mo The Oracle #Moknows to the podcast. The trio discussed the California school shooting and how school shootings in general impact the black community. A black inmate in Texas named Rodney Reed was scheduled to be executed for a crime with not enough evidence. A Petition was circulated to help stop the execution; controversy also surrounded his execution due to sexual assault claims from Reed's past. Private school founder Evelyn Mack was sentenced for her part in a human trafficking ring of foreign student athletes. The show also had three topics we mentioned; a recap of the Byron Allen case, PornHub offered TI's daughter $1 Million to lose her virginity on camera. Lastly, turns out in the incident between the Texas substitute teacher fighting the female student, the student hit the teacher first. Tune in to hear Joe, Pat and Mo's opinions!!
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