GQ And The New Masculinity, Football Coach Disarms Student With Gun In School, Shooting Near Santa Rosa School, Always Pressured To Remove The Female Symbol From Its Products, Students Paid by Teacher to Twerk


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In this episode of the Freedom Train Podcast Series, Joseph and Patrick tackle a number of topics. The gentlemen covered four subtopics or mentions as they call them, a teacher was fired for orchestrating a twerk contest in his high school class, a security guard was fired for protecting teachers and telling student not to use the N-word, children in Asia are so addicted to their cell phones they need rehab, Pastor Wilson is on camera going down town on a woman. In their main topics, GQ is attempting to set the new standard for masculinity in their latest issue with Pharrell Williams on the cover, a football coach in an Oregon high school stopped a student from shooting himself at school, two students get into an argument at a Santa Rosa school and one teen shoots the other, transgender activist force Proctor & Gamble to remove the female symbol from their Always product. Tune in to hear what they have to say about the topics.

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