4367 Freedomain: The Abortion Debate - and Ask Me Anything!


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- I've never understood how abortion pre-sentience could be considered immoral if the entity not only can't know of its own existence, but can NEVER know, and thus can't be an injured party. Is it just to punish use of Plan B?
- Does 100% knowing any future event = determinism?
- A society based in UPB seems unimplementable. But if it did come to be, wouldn't this society just become a breeding ground for a "might makes right" tyrant?
- Is the foetus, if not able survive outside the mom, a part of the mom's body and thus her property? If it's able to survive, then it's murder. ♥️uStef
- 8 Year relationship. I Didn't marriage/family until now (turned 30).Is it wrong to change my mind & convince him into marriage & a family? I emailed u
- The point of the rape argument isn't to judge its frequency so much as to align people's moral compasses. Same with the "mercy killing" argument, like how Iceland aborts all Down Syndrome babies.
- Haunting you for a conversation on "Long Day's Journey into Night". *spooky ghost sounds* (We debated magic & madness and discussed plays last year. )
- for pro lifers, if you your sister, mother, wife etc was r@ped do you have them carry on with the baby?
- view on third cousins pregnancy and abortion, asking for a friend of a friend.
- You would make Socrates blush! Would love a show on the “The unconquered” Seminole peoples! The treachery of the legal system is never better displayed than in our histories! Bless you Stefan!
- Does omniscience contradict free will?
- Off topic: What tips do you have on maintaining focus when writing?
- From someone who grew up similar to you in a household where the one quickest to anger and violence was in charge how do I let go of anger. 😞
- After how many miscarriages do you think a woman should stop trying? Knowing that you’re likely going to end another life?
- What tips do you have for a 21 year old male who has no interest in any particular career and can't figure out what he wants to do?
- Am I morally required to "be there" for my 8 year old nephews? I was around them less than semi-regularly for 5 years.
- Thoughts on vaccines? Unvaccinated vs vaccinated children?
- Is everything that we can possibly experience all that exists, or is all that we can possibly experience a subset of all that exists?
- Thank you Stefan. I’m a young man, 24 years old. I’ve between two decisions militarily or trade-school. Thoughts?
- For really, really bad people like Charles Manson and other killers, there were hundreds of women who publicly professed their attraction to those men. Why is it such a slippery steep climb for good, smart guys?
- We have a 9 mo old and he still wakes 4-6 times a night, has never slept well. Cry it is no doubt damaging to a new baby but do you have any opinions on sleep training an older baby? Opinions on co-sleeping? How did Izzy sleep as a baby, considering how smart she is? TY
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