FDR3507 Is America Headed For A Race War? – Call In Show – November 18th, 2016

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Question 1: [2:07] - “After the election, my girlfriend for the first time brought up the topic of Trump. I essentially told her I supported Trump, and my worst fears were realized as she became shocked and hysterical, escalating the situation into a huge argument. Since then, I have calmed her down and she apologized. We clearly have some issues to deal with. But the question is: can we really make it work if we disagree so much on this issue?”
Question 2: [1:00:12] – “Why do leftists say they prize diversity in society, but nevertheless seem to ignore the most profound differences among the world’s cultures? And how can those who value the heritage of western civilization lead others to properly appreciate the existence of different cultural worldviews and assumptions?”
Question 3: [1:29:22] – “What do you believe are the largest factors contributing to the social and economic collapse in the Western World over the past 40 years?”
Question 4: [1:45:04] – “I am a Trump supporter and confronted leftists at anti-Trump protests. My mission is to directly confront the left with alt right views but they often react with violence instead of conversation. I understand these people are upset for their own reason but does disobedience have the responsibility to be non-violent?”
Question 5: [2:24:09] – “I see a cultural/race war on the horizon that has been brewing for at least a decade. On one side there used to be blacks but now it includes: blacks, latinos, muslims, women, gays and the other side includes: white men. How do I survive as a black man as I default to one category but I align myself intellectually and politically with the other?”
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