FDR3512 The Addiction Paradox – Call In Show – November 23rd, 2016

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Question 1: [2:17] – “Just as it is necessary for children to learn the consequences of bad or reckless decision making in areas of life not directly involving authority, why should they not also learn that some decisions result in consequences that are directly administered by the governing authorities? Why is it bad for children to learn about the consequences of bad behavior while they are small and the consequences are small?”
Question 2: [1:04:10] – “When people talk about government corruption, I usually hear that the solution is to get money out of politics or term limits. It seems to me that these address the symptoms and not the cause. I think corruption is caused by state discrimination. Government has the power to discriminate by transferring freedom and wealth from some of its citizens to special interests. Isn't the solution to corruption really to honor the constitution's equal protection and general welfare clauses and treat all citizens equally?”
Question 3: [1:24:55] – “Have you noticed the social justice agenda being promoted in children's movies and TV shows? Is this slipping under the radar of people like yourself with a platform to make the public aware of this happening? Finally, besides making parents aware of this agenda being pushed in such a harmless looking way, is there anything else that can be done about it?”
Question 4: [1:42:45] – “I have a few questions concerning addiction. I am a recovering heroin addict who is having a hard time dealing with the compulsion to use again. I was curious to your stance on 12 steps programs, one of which I attend regularly. Do you think these programs are less beneficial than they seem? Does it hinder my recovery to get into a mindset that I cannot recover without the program? Furthermore, why do you think that young people are using hard drugs, and drugs in general, in higher numbers than any other time in history? Is it because of the ease of access of substances, the coddling of my generation, or a combination of both?”
Question 5: [3:05:48] - "For the past decade, the left-wing agenda has poisoned the mentality of college students. Do you, Stefan, think that America is doomed to a left-wing 'utopia' or do you think there could be a national resistance to the irrationality of the liberal cause now that we are under republican rule once more?”
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