FDR3517 The Foundational Laws of P3nis Physics - Call In Show - November 25th, 2016

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Question 1: [1:55] – “The term 'patriarchy' today is used almost exclusively in a pejorative sense, and especially so in ideologically biased circles. Could it be, that 'patriarchy' also has an objective & positive meaning? If so, what could it be?”
Question 2: [49:44] – “I'm the founder of prereq.org, the e-learning platform that will make education great again. Do you believe that school choice will be able to neutralize the left's dominance in education? And do you think that it's plausible to expand the alternative media movement into an alternative education movement?”
Question 3: [1:08:00] – “Within the UPB framework is Donald Trump evil? Are Trump voters immoral for having participated in this election despite his anti-globalist policies?”
Question 4: [2:32:13] – “What is it about dating within the military that brings about distrust, uneven morals, and what seems to be an overall social acceptance within the military to being disrespectful towards the relationships built? Could the travel in work involved really be the answer to so many relationships crumbling? OR fear of commitment that is a direct result of this lifestyle? Can a long-distance relationship within the military really endure?”
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