FDR3525 When Santa Claus Meets God - Call In Show - November 30th, 2016

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Question 1: [0:00] – “A Gallup Poll found that millions of people from the third world would like to move to the United States given the opportunity. Is Anarchy globalistic or nationalistic in nature?”
Question 2: [2:17] – “My daughter is three years old and we are following the non-aggression principle and using gentle parenting techniques. We try to be honest and forthcoming in all of our discussions and it seems cruel to me to be lying to her about Santa. I don't want to deprive her of the magic and fun of the holiday but I also do not want to impair or damage the trust we have been working so hard to maintain.”
“I should make note that we also attend church services. I would not say we are overly religious--our discussions are very superficial. My husband and I have our beliefs but neither of us have wanted to force them upon her. I realize that just by taking her to church that is precisely what we are doing.”
“I have conflicting thoughts on this Santa situation. I do not know with certainty that God does not exist--I would like to believe that he does. But with Santa--we all know he doesn't really exist--how can I justify one but not the other? Am I a hypocrite for allowing her to believe in Jesus but not Santa? I never want to tell her what to believe but my struggle comes in knowingly lying to her. Is it possible to tell the story of St. Nick with keeping him in the make believe world?”
Question 3: [1:27:15] – “The past 8 years have resulted in incredible losses for the Democratic Party, and the many revelations that have come out from this recent election have done great damage to the party and its institutions. After hearing about the internal strife going on in the GOP from the MSM for years, are we likely to see a similar upset in the Democratic Party? Where do you think the Democratic Party will go from here?”
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