FDR3532 The Secret Virgin - Call In Show - December 14th, 2016

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Question 1: [3:06] - “I am a 32-year-old female, whose never been in a romantic relationship. I have had two offers all my life and politely turned them down. The first was when I was 20 and in college. I have always wanted marriage to be the end result of a romantic relationship and just didn't see that happening. The next offer came from a good friend in medical school and again I knew that we would not be compatible. I am now older, have established a career for myself and have just come through a horrible diagnosis of cancer. I feel like the 'most compatible' guy probably doesn't exist. I want to share my life and feel I have so much love and support to offer. I also need to mention a friend who I have liked for the longest time who I feel is waiting for me to make the move for whatever reason. I always figured the right guy would come along but I am now terrified because I am attracting an older group of men who have 'baggage' i.e. divorces, children. I almost feel my being a virgin and must be kept secret. How can I not compromise my values but yet find a good match?”
Question 2: [40:12] - “Is the dogma that all races are the same, and that intelligence is determined solely by culture/education, bad for people of color?”
Question 3: [1:10:53] - “As an international student from Brazil attending college in the US, I am constantly targeted for supporting Trump. My peers, especially other international students and new immigrants, don't seem to understand that Hillary stands for everything they fled when they came to America. My question is, how can we better communicate with the immigrant community and help them understand that they are only voting for what they fled? If America represents a new life for them, why would they vote for the same type of corruption they left behind in the first place?”
Question 4: [1:41:11] - “What do you think of the current Sexual Education policies of mainly the United States?”
Question 5: [2:22:24] - “How will humanity survive as a species unless we address our pandemic addiction to belief?”
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