FDR3534 Patriarchal Apocalypse - Call In Show - December 16th, 2016

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Question 1: [1:38] - “Many women with whom I discuss your teachings dissent on the idea of free employment and free wage setting from the employer to the employee. Most women put forth the idea (although they may not phrase it as so) that they are at a biological disadvantage in the workplace. The main force behind this biological disadvantage is that of childbirth, and the amount of time it removes them from the workplace. They fear the situation where they are equal with a male applying for the same job, because they know the employer believes the woman will likely miss more days than the male over time, and will thus favor the equally qualified male. How do I convince women who aren't versed in the teachings of liberty that employers seeking more value from an employee are not sexist, and that the status of free employment/wage setting will not lead to a patriarchal apocalypse?”
Question 2: [39:35] - “How do people of diametrically opposed viewpoints agree on an absolute definition when they come from alternate realities and perspectives especially when setting an educational curriculum? My struggle on campus has largely been with the futility of reasoning with professors who believe themselves to be teaching what I suspect is the absolutism of relativism? How would you go about effectively proving that someone's fundamental views are inherently wrong when they believe that yours are inherently wrong? What would that debate look like? “
Question 3: [1:18:13] - “Can Western culture be summarized as a tradition of recognizing and weeding out obsolete and often times destructive evolutionary traits? How did evolution shape the human tradition of witch hunting?”
Question 4: [1:40:57] - “I don't want to endorse a corrupt system of education. Should I be concerned with going to a public college that I don't agree with politically/morally, if I get the education I need to survive in the free market?”
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