FDR3542 FETUS SLAVE DRIVING WELFARE GUY - Call in Show - December 21st, 2016

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Question 1: [2:05] - “I have read your book, ‘Universally Preferable Behavior’ a half dozen times or so, and I have listened to the audio book at least as many times. I have listened to many of your podcasts, including some where you defend your claims about UPB being an objective standard of morality. Given your expressed understanding on page 30 where you state ‘When I speak of a universal preference, I am really defining what is objectively required, or necessary, assuming a particular goal.’ How can UPB be objective when the choice of goals, ideals, and values remains subjectively chosen? Aren't you simply assuming an egalitarian, anarcho-libertarian goal, ideal, and values? You also state, ‘Naturally, preferential behavior can only be binding if the goal is desired.’ What about those who do not share your egalitarian or anarcho-libertarian ideals, values, and goals, would UPB apply to them?”
Question 2: [54:39] - “How do I deal with close friends or family members suddenly disowning me as a result of the recent US election? My best friend, who I call my sister, of 15 years has decided in the last 6 months to become a feminist, gender-queer and in need of safe spaces, despite the fact that she's never worked before and even dropped out of college because undergraduate course work was sexist.”
Question 3: [1:54:52] - "Stefan has talked several times about the inevitable market correction resulting from the devaluing of our currency, our unfunded liabilities, and the rampant welfare state. I am a prepper, and publish a podcast about preparedness. Could Stefan speak about what this market correction will result in, what to expect, what it's duration will be, and what concerns a person should have to protect their families during the ensuing chaos?"
Question 4: [2:24:24] - “You can’t change a rocks course by speaking to it but you can change a human’s course by speaking to it. Relating that doing a thing that by your beliefs shouldn't work in an attempt to make it work is insane’ in no way makes ‘doing a thing that by your beliefs can work in an attempt to make it work’ insane. There's nothing insane with speaking to an AI to get an answer, pushing a rock to get a movement or speaking towards a human to get an answer. Do you agree that your argument explaining that arguing for determinism is inconsistent is not valid?”
Question 5: [3:03:47] - “During my final school years, my Literature teacher told me that I was full of potential, which I was not using. At that time I disregarded the comment, since I had little interest in wasting more time on school than necessary. Now, years later, I have finished my university abroad and took a year break, using welfare from the unemployment fund. Two months into it, I realized that I am nothing else but a NEET, something I never aspired to be. Moreover, the time off I intended to spend self-studying and developing, is spent procrastinating. Even though I really want to, I rarely feel compelled to do anything. Sometimes, I can’t even force myself out of bed, but I am not depressed, I am alarmingly content. All of that made me reflect on the teachers remark and question my decision. How does one know and fulfill his potential?”
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