FDR3548 The Matrix Is Not An Argument - Call In Show - December 30th, 2016

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Question 1: [1:48] – "Prior to my god daughter's baptism I was planning to formally leave the Catholic church, as I have become interested in Ayn Rand's objectivisim. I feel conflicted that I have accepted this position while I do not align with Catholic beliefs which leads me to wonder, how can one raise a child without relation to an entity, being raised a catholic myself, while upholding objectivist values?"
Question 2: [48:08] – “Is good addictive across human beings and doesn’t the assumption that it is underlie collectivist thinking?”
Question 3: [1:24:00] – “As a male in my prime my body is pushing to attain sex however that is a major problem for me. I was raised as a respectful and virtuous person so until now I was doing the old-fashioned thing, being nice, polite and thoughtful, not lowering my standards. This pretty much resulted in nothing but a few friendships. This was frustrating and with my body driving me I decided to try the other way: posting pictures of my abs, etc. and literally 1000% increase in traffic, conversation etc. My question is why do I have to degrade myself in this way to even start to appeal to the opposite sex? What is the reasoning behind that do you think? also I know all these people talking to me now are majority broken themselves because they are searching for the people I am trying to emulate and are highly likely not to be relationship material. Why is it so hard to find decent people and is the majority of people so shallow and primal?”
Question 4: [1:38:39] – “Why is it that God is impossible if the two main logical arguments proposed in your book can be shown to be inconsistent and if there is no logical inconsistencies with God, why would it not be wise to be an agnostic.”
Question 5: [1:57:01] – “What are your thought about making compromises in values, principles, and life? Life is not always black and white, and I think it is wise to know when to stand at the white or the gray. Is my way of thinking dangerous and slippery? Do you have additional tips so that I do not fall into any traps?”
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