FDR3555 Want To Be A Millionaire Migrant Slumlord? - Call In Show - January 6th, 2017

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Question 1: [1:59] - “Since gun violence is sometimes an accident, why are gun companies hesitating to implement safety measures like RFID tags, GPS tracking, i.e. decommission as many guns in circulation as possible, and replace them with smart guns? Also what makes people to "stick to their guns" so to speak? i.e. refusal to embrace safety by progress, instead to keep things as is, because they like it that way?”
Question 2: [26:43] - “I live in Sweden and a year ago my family got a call from the Swedish rescue service and offered what I call a deal with the devil. The deal was for us was to house up to 30 refugees for the most ridiculous sum of money I have ever seen. This was also during a period where we tried to sell our hotel and realized that my family were getting was not what we were hoping for. When you have been given the deal with the devil, will you take it and sacrifice your soul for wealth, or reject it and keep your soul but continue suffering?”
Question 3: [1:01:55] - "I am an evil demon, I mean straight white Trump voting man currently living in Chicago. As a student, comedian, entrepreneur and child care worker I've had nearly the full range of experiences the liberal haven has to offer, dealing with the DePaul Milo riot, watching my pro Trump comedian friend get banned from comedy shows and bullied, I've been paid under minimum wage to watch abused children with employers who refuse to do anything to help the kids. My girlfriend's brother and our friend have been mugged just outside where we live, and our college tries to push the social justice agenda frequently. I've had more negative experiences with this city than I can count. The recent torture incident was sickening and I've seen college radicals from all around, but especially young black Chicagoans continue to push white privilege as a cause of the insanity.”
“I would like to discuss how to make a difference in these environments both at a cultural or grass roots level and how Trump can help these cities who don't even seem to want his help. I am trying to start a business and continue to debate and speak up whenever I reasonably can, what else can be done?"
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