FDR3575 ANTI-MILO RIOTS - Call In Show - January 25th, 2017

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Question 1: [2:24] – Two different firsthand accounts of the violent protests outside Milo Yiannopoulos’s recent University of Washington speech – including the aftermath of the shooting and the experience of what nearly turned into a violent riot.
Question 2: [51:17] – "If no other appeal to the child for obedience is functional, and the threat to the child is the child's certain death or severe harm, then would you find spanking justifiable in order to prevent such an event from occurring?"
Question 3: [1:18:59] – “Recently, I saw a video where Stefan was denying the existence of ‘inalienable human rights’ based on they justify force or government coercion to come to fruition. This was the core problem with the conversation all the way through the talk. A ‘right’ as defined by the founders and recognized in the 'bill of rights' is that in which you can express by yourself in a free market. for example, freedom of speech is an inalienable right, because you don't need to use force or exploit anyone by exercising it. same with the right to self-preservation, you don't need to exploit anyone else to defend yourself in a free market, please tell me why I and the founders are wrong in the definition of inalienable rights?“
Question 4: [1:39:37] – “I have always held the belief that morality is primarily objective without differing much from person to person. This belief has carried me so far in my brief adult life but it seemed sound up until recently. The kidnapping and torturing of the mentally disabled white boy in Chicago has made me very concerned about the influence and interpretation of morality on each person. Is morality objective, and if not, what kind of outside factors are powerful enough to change one's moral compass to where kidnapping/torturing is okay, or the acceptance of this as just 'kids being kids' is okay?”
Question 5: [2:01:11] – “I find that many of your beliefs are in line with Biblical truths (e.g. marriage, gender roles, rationality, social injustice, etc). You even accept that religion gives people a sense of purpose and are sympathetic to Christians. Why are you not a believer in Christ yourself?”
Question 6: [2:16:18] – I’m a relatively new listener, and over the last couple months I’ve heard you make what sound like disparaging remarks about stepping into a relationship with a woman who already has children, or raising another man’s children. However, I’ve also never heard you say to never do that. Since you often ask people ‘Why didn’t you call me sooner?’ I’m asking now.”
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