FDR3576 The Most Inert Caller Ever - Call In Show - January 27th, 2017

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Question 1: [2:44] - “Recently I have been hearing a lot about this new wave feminist movement and I'm confused as to what they are actually trying to accomplish. What is the purpose for the divide among men and women using the feminist movement? Also, how is it so easy to brainwash young women into believing that men are inferior and the cause of all of their problems?”
Question 2: [44:40] - “When I first started listening to Stefan regularly I didn't even realize he was a staunch Atheist. Stefan advocates the two parent family, personal responsibility, free will, limited government, and capitalism. As many of his views parallel those held by most mainstream Christians, does he have any objections to Christianity other than the existence of God?”
Question 3: [1:18:45] - “If you assume there is free will, there are still a lot of factors that influence or determine the perception upon which you make choices. Your body performs a lot of unconscious actions at different levels. A decision cannot "feel" the same to different people. What do people really consider when they make decisions? You can find a rational reason, if you look long enough as an outside observer. Yet, can that really be the direct cause for a person's behavior, if they are not aware of it at any level?"
Question 4: [2:12:30] - “I am a Hispanic/white/cis/male American and have experienced prejudice and dishonesty from the left first-hand. For example, I recently applied at a Non-profit Bicycle co-op on the less favorable side of town, and was denied employment for reasons being that I am a male; despite spending more time at the shop and demonstrating a superior work ethic to the two employees who were ultimately hired. Both women. I was told they were hired because they ‘need more females in the shop.’ One major question comes to mind. Does my barring of employment breach the NAP? If so, aren't they just exercising the right to choose how to operate their business? If not, why do I feel like it does?”
Question 5: [2:36:08] – “What is the relation between tragedy and intimacy? In a shallow culture, is it necessary for something traumatic to happen in order for people to connect?”
Question 6: [2:51:11] - “There is a core truth to reality, which is that it is infinitely definable. The realization of this truth, I think, leads to a set of self-evident principles about reality that have the potential to reshape the narrative of why we exist, what 'it' all means, and how we go about interacting, manifesting, and reconciling our personal perspectives with the broader Reality we all interact in. With that said, what besides cognitive dissonance is to blame for people ignoring, avoiding, and/or rejecting reality? I want to believe that we are all capable of accepting reality as our definitions of it are refined, changed, and discovered—but I feel like too many people accept narratives as opposed to questioning them: do they not realize what a disservice they are doing to themselves, others, and the legacy of our ancestors by not probing deeper into the mysteries of what is manifestly real? Do they not see the danger in blindly accepting what-at least possibly-could be misrepresentations of what is real?”
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