FDR3584 Mindf@!ked – Call In Show – February 1st, 2017

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Question 1: [2:06] - “Your definition of forgiveness resonated very strongly with me and made more sense than any other definition I’ve heard, but it doesn’t relieve the pain and damage that was done. It seems to only give relief to the perpetrator. How does forgiveness provide relief to the person doing the forgiving?”
Question 2: [1:01:27] - ”I am getting divorced. Years ago, I married a woman who had betrayed me once, and recently I discovered she betrayed me again. During that betrayal, I was also quite sick. I want to explore with you, and understand, why I would commit the mistake of falling in love, and then marrying, an unfaithful person and what I can do in the future to secure the loyal love and happiness I want for myself?”
Question 3: [2:43:50] - "With the recent events of the 2016 presidential election and it's results I find myself as a former Marxist completely shifted on most issues I use to have a firmer stance on. Went from a militant anarcho-communist to a principled anarcho-capitalist and now find myself leaning towards concepts of nationalism and Americanism. I do not believe in nationalized healthcare, believe in the unregulated free market and I supported Donald Trump's bid for the Presidency just to name a few, how can I engage with and still respect friends and loved ones when met with a surprising amount of hostility and hate concerning my new positions?”
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