FDR3586 Changing Incentives – Call In Show – February 2nd, 2017

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Introduction: [1:58] – Stefan Molyneux responds to listener feedback on “the end of arguments”
Question 1: [8:27] - The University of California at Berkeley was in flames on Wednesday after violent leftist rioters shut down the finale of Milo Yiannopoulos’s college lecture tour. Innocent supporters of President Donald Trump were assaulted, property was destroyed and free speech disgraced on the infamous site of the 1960’s student Free Speech movement.
Question 2: [1:18:03] - “As the product of teenage parents, I struggle with the fact that I've turned out "alright" but hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of children from broken homes don't share the same fate. With the statistics out there showing the wide majority of children from "broken homes" ending up in poverty, jail or worse, what makes the difference in those like myself, and is there anything one could do to assist the majority?”
Question 3: [2:07:23] - "Do you think that there are dangers in taking an apologetic or conciliatory stance toward organized religion and faith-based religious attitudes? Do you think that faith and reason can coexist peacefully if faith becomes the dominant entity in the dichotomy? What qualities do you see manifested in an individual governed by faith, as opposed to those found in a person governed by reason?"
Question 4: [2:30:30] - “As an atheist who maintains Christian values, how and when should I tell my new Christian girlfriend about my lack of faith? I met her online after indicating a religious status as ‘Christian.’ Is it possible for an atheist man who maintains Christian values to be happily married, and to have children with a Christian woman? If so, is it wise?"
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