FDR3593 The End of World War II - Call In Show - February 8th, 2017

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Question 1: [2:10] - “In one of your YouTube videos, I believe you called the use of Nuclear Arms by the United States in World War III "unjustified," although I may be mistaken. Either way, do you believe that this action was morally correct and/or the best choice available to the U.S. Government, and is there a difference between these two things?”
Question 2: [39:04] - “Why do you not take a more active stance in telling your listeners about the effectiveness of the virtues of patience and tolerance when conducting a debate with people? This is important because in todays society we encounter people who argue based on feelings and propaganda but why should we take what they say so personal? In my own experience, remaining calm when for example being called a racist and staying with my argument or maybe presenting it in a different way is more effective for actually changing people’s minds than correcting their morality. I know that you have no responsibility over your audiences decisions but I think it would be smart to show them a more effective way of getting the message of reason and truth across.”
Question 3: [1:17:55] - "If there is evidence that Universal Basic Income (UBI) can eliminate poverty and is at least superior to welfare, would it not be unethical to implement UBI?"
Question 4: [1:33:05] - "Having grown up in Puerto Rico in the 1960s and seen the corrosive effect of dependence on government handouts, I am very alarmed to see the younger generation of women wanting to be dependent on government - birth control, tampons, government-paid abortions are just the start. My generation mostly saw themselves as becoming financially independent. What can people (and women) like myself do to reverse the tide?"
Question 5: [2:02:35] - “Common practices seem to suggest the answers to depression have to come from within by "letting go" of what troubles you. I've long felt that this means lying to and convincing yourself that what you're thinking isn't true, when it very well could be. Am I wrong in finding commonly suggested remedies for depression philosophically dishonest?"
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