FDR3603 DE@D END - Call In Show - February 22nd, 2017

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Question 1: [1:16] – “Stefan often talks about the benefits that Christianity brings to a culture either by supplementing or replacing the Greco-Roman philosophy. African-Americans are on average for more Christian, in practice and belief, than other groups in America, yet they are doing the poorest. Why has Christianity failed them, and would another religion better serve the African-American community.”
Question 2: [28:55] – “While most the world believes or have an idea of what Communism is, and quickly view or point fingers to failed countries and its dictators as an example, maybe they really do not understand communism at all. I believe that the idea of communism is flawed, but also believe it can be fixed to flourish in a modern system. Do you believe that it can be altered to fit as an ideal model for future society based on some of the suggestions I share with you? or if you have your own ideas of how it could work or benefit humanity?”
Question 3: [57:21] – “With increasing technology it's probable that no work at all will be required to produce goods and the 1833 economic theory "The Tragedy of the commons" occurs, as bogarting commons violates the non-aggression principle. I agree with you that we should be changing education to focus on what we can't automate but this doesn't account for the masses that are going to increasingly rely on handouts/UBI. Therefore why shouldn't we go with Technautominarchocapitalism - Where everything that makes thing for free such as technology is self-sustained individually in a night watchman government, while capitalism accounts for what we can't automate such as space exploration?”
Question 4: [1:07:58] – “I am in a long-distance relationship. A couple months ago, my boyfriend was in the process of planning an engagement until I stopped him and told him to slow down. It is a year and a half in and my uncertainty about the relationship is keeping me up at night. I am tormented by the idea that I could be stringing him along. He is a kind, patient, and hardworking alpha male with free-market politics. You have argued on your show that men tend to love very hard, and women are always calculating. My indecisiveness has led to me to feel very guilty about the amount of love he has towards me. My friends and family tend to think I am overthinking it, and they tell me clichés like ‘you will just know.’ What is the nature of this romantic cliché? Is the ‘you will just know’ idea a fantasy that people use to avoid reason and a true understanding of love?”
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