FDR3604 Arguments Not Acronyms - Call In Show - February 23rd, 2017

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Question 1: [1:29] - “I am a 21-year-old university student. I have a girlfriend of about 6 months. When I first met her, I was committed to having as much casual sex with as many different girls as possible. I still feel a strong compulsion to do this, despite the moral doubt I have about it since following your show. Upon meeting this girl, it became apparent that she was amazing and a candidate for marriage. So I dropped my decadent approach to sex and I am now 6 months in to a monogamous relationship. I still have a drive to be single and have sex with as many girls as possible. I feel like a liar and deceiver because everyday I assure her of my commitment to her and that I plan to marry her, but I am not sure. I lie about my feelings. I took her virginity and assured her of long-term commitment when I wasn't sure about it. I really wanted to take a virginity to appease my ego. I feel terrible about it. I feel like I am the problem. I am the one contributing to the moral decay in romantic relationships in the West. I am the creator of women who create MGTOW guys.”
Question 2: [1:35:45] - “For myself, I think that both MGTOW and MRM/MRA, while having identify that there is a problem in the society for men in general. They are describing the problem very differently, especially the causes. MGTOW attribute the causes to the problem to gynocentrism, female nature and hypergamy. MRM/MRA on the hand, attribute the causes to feminism, cultural Marxism, socialism/communism.”
“What is your thought on the current state of the MRM/MRA, MGTOW and feminism? What are the key differences distinguishing MRA and MGTOW? Lastly, hypothetically, if I were to make a choice between the two (i.e. MRM and MGTOW) as the guiding moral principles and ideologies, which one do you think is right or perhaps will get us closer to solving the problem?”
Question 3: [1:55:34] - “Most Latinos escape to the USA from their homeland for a better life but instead of assimilating and adopting the American Spirit, they stay in their Latino communities and recreate their countries conditions in the USA. Look at the marches in the last couple of days--they are carrying their countries flags?! If immigrants escape the hardships in their homeland, why do they -when they are in the U.S.- crave to be back in their homeland and do not adopt the U.S. spirit of self-reliance and ingenuity?”
Question 4: [2:45:55] - "How would you rationally work out the Native-Americans vs. European settlers claim on land? I'm hoping to get a better understanding of property rights and the philosophical basis for common law."
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