FDR3615 Rejecting Philosophy - Call In Show - March, 8th, 2017

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Question 1: [2:55] - “Is Hollywood projecting its own dysfunction onto society as a whole? I ask this question in part because a study conducted by the LA Times in 2012 (reference here) indicates the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences represents all that the acting elites rage against, i.e. It’s composed of old, white men who apparently discriminate against women and people of color based on the statistics of nominees and winners over the past 88 years. Hollywood elites chose a career which requires them to work under these conditions and then complain about the world they live in, using their considerable influence to rage against a machine that largely exists in their own back yard. As this condition is nearly non-existent in fly-over, middle America, I’m looking for clarity on this subject as I rage against the Hollywood machine via podcasting to my largely female audience that may be unwittingly influencing their daughters, not by their words, but by their example if they idealize Hollywood and other forms of glamour as the be-all, end-all for the glorious, desirable life. In reality engaged mothers don’t want their daughters to choose a Hollywood career because that life is hard, very hard, and if you want to have a family the hardships are multiplied immeasurably, not only for the woman, but for her children.”
Question 2: [33:43] – “With the growing violence in the classroom from the strain of third world immigration what can I do to protect my daughter at school? I'm concerned by the reports of increased bitings, scratches, and attacks on teachers, the men and women who are supposed to be the authority in these institutions. Due to the demands of our jobs, neither my partner or myself have time to home-school. I'm an atheist, but went to a Christian high school, should I start researching Catholic school? How do you educate your children in the modern world?
Question 3: [51:31] - “Do you believe that Western Society in general seems in recent years to fail to recognize the value of philosophy, or even intentionally avoids it altogether? Also, how deeply do you think the ramifications of Western Society's seeming unwillingness to utilize philosophy, actually effect particularly the fields of education, science, and the general framework of western society as a whole?”
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