FDR3616 College Is Death - Call In Show - March, 9th, 2017

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Question 1: [2:03] - “It is becoming increasingly more difficult to teach logic, reasoning and argument evaluation in the face of feminism and Cultural Marxism. As always, some students take to the study like ducks to water, while others lack interest or capacity. But the new trend is emotional reactivity when faced with any subject deemed controversial and the immediate attack on any student who questions leftist, progressive positions on any topic. There is an obvious and discouraging lack of student preparation in both reading levels and mathematic abilities; but how to engage with deeply indoctrinated students while simultaneously improving logical reasoning abilities, is becoming a more and more complex question.”
Question 2: [33:37] – “We have less than a week left before we elect who we want to lead our country. You highlighted the growing problems of immigration and crime in our country and I'm sure you're aware of the incredibly high price we're paying for the Euro-currency and the European Union. But perhaps worse than all these is that our democracy is being undermined. Two referenda, first for the European constitution in 2003 and then with the Ukraine referendum in 2016, where 61% of votes were against the association treaty with Ukraine, but it was ratified anyways.”
“How do I balance my political engagement and desire to improve the direction with people that seem only interested in bread and circuses, that are not willing to open their eyes to some of the ways in which our world is rapidly and irreversibly going in the wrong direction?”
Question 3: [1:30:20] - “Based on my simple observations it appears that anytime the government becomes involved in financing something the price goes up exponentially (college and roads come to mind). Why is this? I have considered several possibilities; Governments are large and unwieldy and it can be difficult to notice when money is misappropriated making it a target for the unscrupulous and criminal, Government budgeting is based on how much is spent, so departments tend to spend above budget just to keep their funding and have a shot at getting more, or is it just that Government officials and bureaucrats have no incentive to make sure money is used as efficiently as possible since the money isn't theirs and they are unlikely to be fired or even reprimanded for misappropriating it.”
Question 4: [2:05:29] - “We are encouraged to think of truths as absolute and unwavering, and over the past year we've seen the issue of ‘fake news’ and phrases like ‘hate facts’ reach the mainstream. People such as yourselves often say that facts don't care about feelings, and there is no such thing as ‘your truth’ or ‘my truth’, only "the truth". While I agree with this premise, there are times within the human context when we lie for the greater good. How is this reconciled?”
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