FDR3620 The Shadow P3n!s - Call In Show - March 15th, 2017

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Question 1: [2:11] - “To varying degrees all my relationships have been spoiled by my jealousy and insecurity over things like my girlfriends going out to nightclubs, having male friends and going to things like salsa classes. After my last breakup I went through therapy and felt like I had the jealousy under control, but now I'm in a new relationship I see the old patterns emerging. To what extent is this something I should be eradicating, or is jealousy over these type of issues natural for men, with the real problem being their acceptance in modern society?”
Question 2: [56:16] - “I’ve been called racist 3 times within the last year. As a black guy, this is very strange because it’s technically against the liberal rules. However, I have started to see myself become increasingly xenophobic for lack of a better word. This is what I want for an immigration plan: Immediate expulsion of illegal immigrants, end of birthright citizenship, revocation of citizenship to those born to illegal parents, change of immigration to Japanese system, and an oath of allegiance to receive right to vote and government benefits.”
“I feel like at worst, the immigrants want to annihilate us and at best they want to change our culture by coming here and changing our lives slowly. Someone asked me what composition I would like for the United States to be and I immediately answered ‘80% white, 20% black and make space for 1% other.’ Have I gone too far? Has moving to Texas made me ….?”
Question 3: [1:51:30] - “What is the morality of breaking commitments or contracts? When is it moral/ethical to break a commitment or contract? Is it right to leave the military early and pursue a career I have a true desire to do? As a young man would this be very detrimental to do? Should I stay in for the remainder of my contract and then pursue it or take the leap of faith?”
Question 4: [2:10:20] - “With the premise that God is readily accessible through prayer, it seems that it would a good method for testing His existence. Have you had any experience with prayer? Both before and after university? If so, what was your interpretation/analysis of the results. If not, would it be beneficial for an empiricist to make attempts at prayer, or not?”
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