FDR3638 My Boyfriend Left Me For A Man - Call in Show - March 30th, 2017

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Question 1: [1:57] – “We started delving into your work. When covering your arguments regarding Atheism, we found issues with parts of your logic. We have built an argument which we hope clearly establishes a framework which highlights a distinction between ‘that which we can relate to’ and ‘that which is unrelatable.’ In the light of this distinction, the contradictions of your arguments are manifest. Below you will find our argument, your arguments, our understanding of your argument, and a succinct articulation of the contradiction. We are very interested to start a dialogue in the hopes of contributing to the general progression of philosophy as a whole.”
“Relation vs Non-Relation Argument : 1) Truth is derived from necessity. 2) Necessity is coherent. 3) Coherence is meaning. 4) Meaning is knowledge. 5) We can know something to be true if and only if it is necessarily true. 6) Humans relate to that which is discrete. 7) Humans faculties can directly process and derive meaning from that which is discrete. 8) Humans have direct access to true knowledge about that which they can relate utilizing their faculties. 9) That which is not discrete, humans can not relate. 10) Truth is not contingent upon relatability. 11) Humans can abstract about that which they cannot relate. 12) Humans have indirect access to true knowledge about that which they cannot relate utilizing necessary truths about abstractions.”
Question 2: [1:36:10] - “As a woman in my early 30’s (having recently had a 9 year relationship come to an end when my partner ‘came out’ as gay) I am very quickly getting up to speed with my own self knowledge and an understanding of my childhood through therapy. I am increasingly aware of the huge pressure I am under should I wish to have a future with marriage and children - however I can see I still have a way to go in regards to the building my self esteem and therefore my ability to have a stable and intimate relationship. I would like to know your thoughts on the inverse relationship between my self knowledge and my ‘market value’ - as I am aware that the longer I take to build my self esteem the more my market value is in decline. How do I approach this going forward to ensure that I get what I want from my future?”
Question 3: [ 2:07:02] - "If Rock n Roll is usually associated with freedom and rebellion, why do artists and fans have a tendency to be on the left? Isn't that an indication that people don't really know what they stand for?"
Question 4: [2:24:55] - “I’ve come to realize many things about myself, the most recent discovery being that although I am someone of high intelligence and industriousness, I have low conscientiousness, particularly when it comes to tasks that I feel have any obligation attached to them, even if it is self-imposed. For example, as a professional musician I recorded my third solo album, then procrastinated on releasing it for 6 months, then released it with no promotional effort. I built a freestanding recording studio with my own hands, with no prior trade skills, and as soon as I moved in and started using it, I started losing interest in recording, even though it’s been a life long dream of mine to have this facility. I then wrote my first philosophical science fiction novel and recently self-published it. Although I am immensely proud of the book and getting overwhelming positive feedback from readers, I am finding it hard to find motivation to promote it properly and give it its best shot at success.”
“I would like to try and gain greater understanding of the part of me that puts up motivational roadblocks and prevents me from taking my visions all the way to the success that I believe they deserve. Why do I work so hard, come so far, and then quit and move on to the next big dream?”
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