FDR3647 THE NICE VIRUS - Call In Show - April 5th, 2017

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Question 1: [2:18] – “How can we stop corruption in academia, especially in science, and bring to light the rampant corruption amongst drug developing scientists that cost the taxpayers millions?"
Question 2: [50:00] – “In virtually every form the cost of health insurance is priced at an astronomically unreasonable markup over the expected dollar value. In many cases, having access to managed health care even produces worse outcomes. Why is the need to buy insurance accepted as gospel when the actual risk/reward of buying insurance so absurdly bad for the customer?”
Question 3: [1:08:57] – “Although the women’s march was months ago, I would like to hear Stefan's take on how it is still resonating now, through ad campaigns and consumerism. Why is it being portrayed that this is what the modern woman is? Are women like me the minority? How do anti-feminists create a loud voice in a crowd of out of control, self-entitled females?”
Question 4: [1:44:00] – “Over the past, it's obvious there has been a co-opting, distortion and abuse of what we call mysticism or religion, both in its exoteric forms (i.e. Christianity, Islam, Judaism) and in its somewhat more esoteric traditions (i.e. Yoga traditions, Buddhism, psychedelics, shamanism, Kabbalah, etc). If we denounce mysticism altogether because of its recent co-opting and inversion by largely nefarious, anti-individual forces, would that perhaps be like a woman denouncing all men because of prior bad relationships or a poor father figure or because Stalin was a man? Do you think that reason/rational and mysticism/irrational need and complete each other? Wouldn't reason without mysticism be like masturbating vs making love? With reason alone, you might get a few thrills, but ultimately, wouldn't you die alone with your dick in your hand?”
Question 5: [2:13:07] – Letter From A Single Mother
Question 6: [2:53:24] – “My family illegally emigrated from Mexico to the United States when I was 6 years old. At the age of 21 I decided to come back to my home country, ignorant as I was of its culture, after concluding I would rather be free in my third world country than live a life of shame and illegality in someone else’s. It has taken me nearly ten years to accept and start to understand the shock and far reaching consequences this transition had on my life and spirit. Far from integrating into this new culture, I recoiled from it and tried to maintain my American mindset and ideals... The issue I’m struggling with now is my newfound sympathy towards nationalist ideas, and the tricky position it puts me in. I identify as neither American nor Mexican, but the hard fact of my citizenship leads me to conclude that I should fight in the interests of my homeland against the corruption of its leaders and the larger globalist agenda.”
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