FDR3650 Help! I’m Dating a Social Justice Warrior! – Call In Show – April 12th, 2017

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Question 1: [1:55] – “There are three types of true things which should replace True: Events, Axioms, and Necessities. From this, I have constructed a philosophical methodology for an approach to reason and evidence. Unfortunately, it hinges on being able to establish the validity of using axioms, a point which I am sure will be assailed despite it being true of every belief system.”
“There exists a poisonous idea that only things proven can be held to be unequivocally true. It completely ignores the purpose of pursuing truth, and often ruins discussions. The power of words to influence thought is very powerful, and very dangerous. We see it constantly with the left redefining everything in a manner shockingly close to 1984’s Newspeak. I believe it began with undermining the populace’s understanding of Truth, because from there flows all further knowledge and critical thinking. Or, more terrifyingly, perhaps it was never understood by the populace at all. As such, I propose fleeing the sinking ship that is the word ‘True’; it has too much baggage, too many preconceptions, and frankly is too general a term. It has become a weapon of ignorance and that’s double-plus-ungood.”
Question 2: [33:29] – My fiancée is a leftist woman living in Vancouver currently enrolled in teaching school and I am a conservative labor working man living in Ohio. I have managed to make a small break through to her delusional liberal beliefs but can’t quite manage a major breakthrough. What advice could you give those of us who are struggling to bring our loved ones out of the cave of ignorance and into the light?”
Question 3: [1:58:06] – “In our current times, I find the misinformation and corrupted definitions to be the most destructive for every society. I currently focus on the historic methods of communications. How can we reach every layer of society with the same accurate message, without altering it's content. I find it extremely difficult today, that is why I go back in time and revisit old methods. Regarding this matter, the upcoming field of discussion is ‘Old Religions and Atheism.’”
“What did we gain with Atheism and what did we lose by abandoning the Old Religions? As an Atheist, I deliver a package of statements, and I would like to get them attacked by every possible way by a very experienced rational thinking critic. I start with three ‘common places’ which are not used very often any more. These are direct translations, I really hope I did it right: 1. There is no human being without a belief. 2. Belief defines the foundations of your personality. 3. Belief drives you to go forward. Before I discard any of these statements from the table, I need them to be invalidated properly. If they cannot be invalidated, I would like to discuss them in more depth.”
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