FDR3676 The Rise of Generation Z - Call In Show - May 3rd, 2017

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Question 1: [1:57] – “I have been following the show, reviewing older podcasts and I have come to admire Stefan’s acumen regarding critical thinking. I value his commitment to reason and evidence. I also understand his stance on atheism is based on his requirement for empirical evidence. Aside from metaphysics, what is Stefan’s take on the ethical and epistemological attitude we should show towards empirical manifestations of the divine? I am referring here to two sets of well documented miracles including: 1) Padre Pio’s healing of Gemma Di Giorgi 2) Eucharistic miracles. What should be the attitude of rational and ethical beings faced with this information?”
Question 2: [1:05:07] – “Trump's White House Strategist, Steve Bannon have cited books such as ‘The Fourth Turning'' as influences, and mentioned right wing philosophers like Julius Evola. The theories these people preach is that history goes through continuous cycles. From a Right-wing populace to a Left-wing wing populace and back again, or from tradition to modernism. These theories are supported by the fact that Generation-Z is the most conservative generation since World War two compared to Millennials and the Baby Boomers. As someone from this generation born in 1999 who holds very right wing views together with my peers - what are your thoughts on such a theory, and does it hold any credence, if so what are the consequences of that. If not why is it that Generation-Z is so right wing?''
Question 3: [1:37:26] – “In one of your recent interviews, you mentioned that Antifas, leftists, political radical, etc. display a tendency toward all-or-nothing thinking with regard to dialogue, debate, discussion. No matter how much common ground a radical may share with an opponent, any abstract or theoretical disagreement appears as grounds for sharp and sudden intellectual foreclosure, as evidenced by violent oppositional actions of Antifas toward their perceived enemies. They display this tendency both online, in the media, and on the streets. You hinted that these habits might stem from a bias shared among Antifas - let's call it the ‘Everyone is Borderline Like My Insecure Single Mother Bias’ and that this bias informs how they relate to authority and themselves. Can you expand on this idea? What other factors, in addition to adverse conditions in childhood development, do you think may contribute to the creation of Antifas?”
Question 4: [2:24:42] – “I'm a 29-year-old woman, single, no kids, and a homeowner. I have done 10 years of therapy and have not been successful at attracting mentally healthy friends or men, which has lead me to live a relatively isolated life. When I listen to your work and the work of other conservative thinkers, I am afraid that I will be miserable living a life alone. I am also keenly aware of my age in terms of attracting a mate. Do you think a woman can live a fulfilling life without a family? And, if so, what advice would you have to create that life?”
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