FDR3732 HOMOGENEITY - Call In Show - June 28th, 2017

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Question 1: [2:35] - “With ever increasing levels of social unrest associated with alien elements of our societies, and immigration being closely tied to the expansion of state power, do you think that liberty can realistically be achieved without first restoring homogeneity?"
Question 2: [52:45] - “The communist mindset heavily relies on the idea that the rich are only rich because they have ‘stolen’ it from the poor. The opposition tends to lean toward calling that ‘nonsense’ because wealth is largely created by adding value. I have, for a long time, agreed with the latter perspective, but recently as you've been discussing the effects of IQ on society and how environmental factors can have negative effects on one's general intelligence level, I have begun wondering how much of an impact that has on people's sense that ‘something’ is missing; namely bits and pieces of the very essence of what it means to be human. With consciousness being such a vital part of what it means to be human, is it possible that the communist mindset is correct in that ‘something’ has been robbed from the poor and low IQ populations, but it has just been misidentified; that society has indeed taken away from their ability to reach the full potential of their person-hood?”
Question 3: [1:17:46] – “People say do not do business with friends. What advice can you give someone who is planning on starting a business with a friend? Are there any benefits? What are the negatives? How do you keep the relationships separate?”
Question 4: [1:24:52] – “Stefan has mentioned that his writing a book about ethics is an admission he knew nothing about ethics. When you say writing a book about ethics means you don't know anything about ethics, we can deduce that you're also meaning to say that people who haven't written a book about ethics at least know something about ethics. This goes against Stefan's own world view. He often says that society isn't following ethics, beating kids, government power, etc. I haven't written a book about cooking, does that mean I know plenty about cooking? Almost everyone hasn't written a book at all, are those people all knowing?”
Question 5: [1:34:57] – "Many young people, including myself, have run into the issue of choice paralysis when it comes to a long term career. This, combined with the lie of 'just follow your dreams' they spoon feed to students in schools and the breakdown of the nuclear family support system, leaves many teenagers and young adults an array of paths with little to no direction. The issue seems to be more present in the modern day than in generations long since past. Is it caution or coddling by our parents that has stunted our ability to be successful? Is it the lack of training or knowledge of the adult world? Is it the habitual or addictive nature of present day entertainment that we pour hours upon hours into? Or is it something simpler than it appears? What can we as millennials do to cure, or stunt the growth of, our choice paralysis in the modern day, and prevent it from greatly affecting our future children?"
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