3736 The Biggest Mistake Of My Life - Call In Show - July 5th, 2017

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Question 1: [2:18] – “What does it mean to be an evil person, and how do you distinguish an evil person from someone reacting to a traumatic past? For most of my life I grew up believing no one was really evil, but rather it was the harsh circumstances of one’s life that cornered people into evil actions. I believe this moral relativism is something our culture and government embeds into our beliefs at a young age because if we cannot recognize evil we cannot begin to fight against it.”
Question 2: [30:15] – “I am 19 years old, and I Just got out of a very brief but intense relationship with an almost 30-year-old divorcee who has two children. He was suffering from many mental problems, he was an alcoholic, drug addict, and about to get kicked out of the Navy. We Initially started out with a very intense relationship that he very quickly ended which ended in disillusionment, anxiety, and a pregnancy scare. I am a very marriage minded woman, and this incident has left me questioning my values. What can I do to find myself a morally good husband?”
Question 3: [2:00:35] - "On this 150th Canadian anniversary, I asked myself the following question: what is Canada? It may be because I am from Québec, but I am unable to provide an answer. I concluded that Canada is, in essence, legal fiction. It seems to me to be a country that exists on paper, but lacks any truly identifiable culture or people that unmistakably separates it from the rest of the western world. As nationalism is currently gaining strength throughout the world, how will this affect Canada? Will it lead to our country gaining some sort of identity of its own? Or will it lead to a splintering as regional identities take precedence? What will be the result of Canada's status of ‘first post-national state’ as the world goes through what will most likely be a major geopolitical shake-up in the coming decades?"
Question 4: [2:43:16] – “My parents were divorced 2 years ago, and in the process I witnessed my father become a shadow of his former self. Now, all around me I see what appear to be broken men and emasculated young boys. Anyone listening to your show should know the causes of this ‘Fall of Man’, the consequences of which are deep, personal, and far-reaching. In this era, what can a youth like myself do to be a ‘real man’ amid such hostility towards masculinity and animosity towards the traditional concept of manliness?”
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