3766 Kneeling in the Sewer of False $h!t - Call In Show - July 26th, 2017

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Question 1: [1:46] – “I've been dating a girl for two years now. She is absolutely perfect for me. We're compatible on almost every level: spiritual, emotional, politically, background is similar, we have similar dreams for families ext. My problem comes down to the issue of attraction. I'm a very attractive man, probably an 8/10 and getting more attractive every year. She is probably a 5/10. Although she is perfect for me in every way, I can't help from having ‘wondering eyes’ and wanting to pursue other women (this is based purely on physicality). I do not do this because I know it is wrong, but still, the desire is there constantly. I want to pursue marriage with my girlfriend, but before I do, I need to know how to better fight this desire intrinsic desire in me, so I don't repeat the mistakes of my father, grandfather, great grandfather, etc. and get divorce after I’m married.”
Question 2: [43:44] – “Due to the appalling decisions made by the UK's family court system I have had no contact with my son for over 9 years, a thing that grieves my heart bitterly. After contacting numerous other fathers, who also have been unjustly removed from their children's lives, we are convinced that the courts are biased against fathers in favor of mothers. We believe that child custody statistics support our contention, since overwhelmingly they suggest that mothers get a better deal than do we fathers from the court system. My questions are why do you think this is the case? And is there something mendacious going on that reaches far beyond the family court system and is a specific policy of our government to remove the role of fatherhood? If this is the case what is their plan?”
Question 3: [1:33:51] – “People mostly attribute a dictatorship to the extreme right. However, there seems to be a conflict of definition where for some, the right means 'free market & liberty', and for others it means a fascist tyranny. Could you help clarify the concepts of 'Left' and 'Right', why people don't agree on their definition and explain both extremes and how they may?”
Question 4: [1:54:56] – “What should we do to protect women from psycho alpha male predators? My sister made bad choices and I watched her crash. I watched my parents, especially my dad struggle with how to reach her. I tried to help her when I could, but she often rejected my help. I have an 8-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter. I am demonstrating my love for my wife and building my relationship with my son and daughter. I am leading my family so that they understand what a good husband and father looks like. I am teaching my daughter to set expectations for her curfew so that she knows it is for her benefit. At around 16 I expect her to bring her date home so that I can have a conversation with him, my bat and shotgun in hand, and set ground rules for their time together. There are lines in our society that have changed and yet I believe like you that we must be the village elders that protect our family and other women from aggressive men and their own poor choices.”
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