FDR3777 Let Western Civilization Fall? - Call In Show - August 2nd, 2017

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Question 1: [2:00] – “How do you convince a small town that is coming on hard times to refuse government assistance? More directly, how do you convince a laid off coal miner trying to make ends meet for his children to use free enterprise to better his lot when there's a politician ready to say, ‘Give me power, and I'll take money from the city and give it to you,’ especially if the future looks bleak to him? This comes from my anecdotal observation that leftists hate guns until an armed right winger saves their life from a mugger, and right wingers hate government until a left winger gives them government drip to tide them and their family over in a crisis.”
Question 2: [37:46] – “You have compared God to a mythical unicorn, in that the inability to empirically prove either's existence is a sign of nonexistence. The difference however is that God has a perceivable effect on the world and a unicorn does not. Love, courage and beauty are the chief examples that go beyond our biological queues and speak to something greater than nature. In the case of UPB, for behavior to be preferable that means there is behavior that is not preferable. But in nature there is no such thing as preferable or not preferable, just whether or not urges are satisfied and reproduction takes place. Doesn't our ability to discern between what is moral and immoral in a society and in ourselves speak to the effect God has on our world vs. the nonexistence of a unicorn?”
Question 3: [54:39] – “Though I'm fairly self-aware, in my relationship there are issues that are rooted in my own insecurities, the biggest issue being jealousy. I feel so jealous all the time because I feel inferior to other women (mostly physically), and this stresses me out in every way it possibly could. Not only do I already feel bad about myself because of how I am, but I also feel bad about the way that I treat my partner, because I never want him to stress about anything. I've gone so far as to avoid going out and participating in certain activities with him because I don't want to risk him being around a woman that would be more attractive than myself. Although I've listened in and gotten a few ideas as to why my mind functions this way, I can't feel confident enough in my reasoning to move forward and properly handle the issue. So, for the sake of my partnership, what is causing these insecurities and how do I use this knowledge to prevent the downfall of my love life?”
Question 4: [2:05:13] – “How do you feel about the general viewpoint of the west being the villain by trying to act as a cop and constantly financing the rebelling, more often than not terrorist fractions in countries like Syria, Iraq, and of Yugoslavia? There's a good portion of people on the Balkans who feel as if their countries are being colonized, mainly by Germany and the US, what are your thoughts on this form of brutal capitalism?”
Question 5: [2:20:15] – “The question I ask is not related only to Syrian refugees, but to all other less well-off people around the world in comparison to the western world: when is it acceptable to allow people to die in deplorable conditions?”
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