FDR3785 The Black Man's Burden - Call In Show - August 9th, 2017

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Question 1: [1:45] – “While I consider myself to be a moral person that practices good ethics, doesn't harm anyone, makes a decent living, doesn't depend on any taxpayer welfare, somehow I don't think that I've really achieved all too much, nor do I feel like my personal worth is all too high. I'm not sure how much I base my personal worth on other people's judgments; after all, virtually nobody else I know bases his/her personal worth on my judgments, and rightfully so. In determining my personal worth, how much of it should be based on the opinions of others?”
Question 2: [36:07] – “I am having a crisis of what to do about my relationship with the black community. While my family are certainly not full of Michael Browns and Trayvon Martins, they are excruciatingly liberal and completely intolerant of any other viewpoints. The black community that rejected me long ago for ‘speaking and acting white’ now rebukes me for leaving the black community once I started making good money and reminds me that it is the responsibility of people like me to fix everything. It is time (way past time) for me to start creating children and what am I giving them? What society am I giving my black children? What burdens am I forcing upon them?”
Question 3: [1:30:06] – “On an previous call addressing a question about cultural homogeneity, you made the remark: ‘the only people who love diversity tend to be the young, who've got lots of time on their hands, and love (frankly) banging people from exotic cultures.’ Perhaps this is not your intention, but the remark comes across as an insult to some of my friends who are in inter-ethnic relationships because it suggests: (1) people who love diversity do so because of a fetish (‘banging people from exotic cultures’), and (2) that people seeking diversity are not productive or busy members of society (they ‘have lots of time on their hands’). Can you explain the reasoning behind the original remark?”
Question 4: [2:05:05] – “The human implicit memory mechanism relies on looking into the future. Since 99% of the human decision making process relies on implicit memories for survival, stereotyping is inevitable. Therefore, racism is inherent to human nature. Do you agree/disagree? What is the cause of Racism in humans? Not WHY we have racism, what specific mechanism that is the nature of humanity that causes all humans to have racism?”
Question 5: [2:42:31] – “How do we seek relationships that can be enriching instead of ending up with people who rely too much on you when the relationship gets 'too comfortable'? Can a relationship that began and has continued with patterns of codependency be rescued or is the original mismatch too much of a barrier to overcome?”
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