3818 Time Is Running Out! - Call In Show - September 6th, 2017

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Question 1: [2:00] – “I can't stand my sister's boyfriend. He's 27 and my sister is 20. We have the same ethnic background and I've known his parents for over 10 years. Initially I was alright with him, I found him a bit weird but I felt relief because I knew his parents well. As it currently stands, they've been in a relationship for 1 year. Throughout this time I've found him to be a very impulsive, superficial and fake person. I think he is a negative influence on my sister and dread contact with him. A virtue I value strongly is that of being a genuine and honest person. It's very easy for me to fake being friendly with him and avoid conflict but I don't like acting contrary to my true feelings. I was hoping you can give some insight on how one should behave with someone they dislike that they can't avoid.”
Question 2: [33:45] – “I've read and watched a lot of your content regarding atheism, and theism, but have yet to hear your views on the concept of the idea of an Aristotelian unmoved mover, especially with the surfacing scientific evidence that our universe had an absolute beginning. Is it not valid to use a deductive inference to the best explanation to conclude that a transcendental being created the universe?”
Question 3: [1:02:26] – “I have been listening to your podcasts for about 1 year and my husband has listened to some of them recently. I have started reading real time relationships and am about half way through. I have already been hit with many truths most of which are physically painful. I am contacting you because I feel time is running short for our marriage and I cannot pretend anymore. I have tried to speak with my husband many times about this but he avoids it and or doesn't understand what I mean. I don't want to break up our children's home and damage them even more. I have many regrets about the kind of mother I have been even though I swore I wouldn't be like mine. My objective with contacting you is to try and minimize any further damage to my children and to survive my marriage. There is no physical or verbal abuse in our marriage but we avoid everything that may bring a conflict. It is fake. To sum up our relationship you can substitute our names for ‘Bruce and Sheila’ in Real Time Relationships. I know you can't tell us what to do but I feel you could give us or even just myself the kick in the ass we need. I know that we avoid any conflict because if we were really honest with each other and our families, everything we have would come crashing down. This terrifies me.”
Question 4: [2:05:18] – “After 6 years of being an ‘empty nester’, I accepted the responsibility of helping my boyfriend raise his 13-year-old daughter. She is 10 years younger than my daughter and came from the type of home I can only imagine but have a hard time truly understanding. I come from a highly K-directed background (I grew up on a ranch in Wyoming, my parents are still married, and my father was in the military). I am struggling with the obvious R characteristics displayed by my stepdaughter, and to some extent my boyfriend. How can I help her overcome her early experiences and become a productive member of society? She is now 14, do you believe there is a point when it is just ‘too late’?”
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