3830 The Truth About The DREAM Act

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The DREAM Act was originally introduced [and actually passed the House] in 2001 and different versions of the bill have been regularly reintroduced in the Senate and House.
This heavily pushed amnesty bill would legalize illegal aliens brought - or claiming to be brought - to the United States as minors and provide them with a path to permanent legal status. A path to outright citizenship is also being discussed.
The DREAM Act very different from DACA – and pro-amnesty sophists purposefully conflate the two for propaganda purposes.
There are two active versions of the DREAM Act right now – one in the Senate and another in the House. While very similar in language, they contain different criteria for eligibility.
According to the most recent numbers, approximately 690,000 illegal aliens are protected under DACA. Another 100,000 or so qualified for DACA previously, but failed to renew, were deported due to criminal activity or used an immigration law loophole to gain a green card. How do these numbers compare to what is proposed under the DREAM Act?
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