3831 Jennifer Lawrence in a Funny Hat! - Call In Show - September 13th, 2017

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Question 1: [2:02] – “I had a debate with my Pastor a few days ago -- about Capitalism, the free market and the poor. As Christians we are supposed to be concerned about the weakest among us and help them. I see a free market as a way to helping people -- and as the ultimate in ‘free will’ but he can't see past his belief that Capitalism exploits the poor. How do you convince another Christian that it is immoral to support a large government - because if takes away our ‘God Given’ free will? And what arguments can I use to show that a free society will not only restore ‘free will’ but will benefit the poor as well?”
Question 2: [46:16] – "I’m an ex-muslim middle eastern immigrant, I’ve noticed a lot of parallels in the rise of tyranny back home and the rise of tyranny in the west. Obviously, as I chose to be in the west now, this concerns me but not for my own sake. After attempting to relate these thoughts with others, whether those back home or my new neighbours, people are often skeptical of my observations. Despite watching things regress in the last few years to an obvious, almost painful, degree I feel like my observations are only getting more validated despite not earning legitimacy in the public sphere. A big aspect of this is having both the left and the right perceiving me as the other, the far right viewing me no different from those that seek to destroy the west and the far left viewing me no different than those that seek to discriminate against muslims, how do I reconcile this and earn my place in this shaky society? Is there no more room for nuance?"
"Over this time I’ve also come to realize the importance of balancing tradition but maintaining an open mind and I think both forms of societies have pros and cons. How can we redirect the conversation from eliminating the other side into synthesizing? The biggest catastrophe that has hit the west since WW2 in my estimation is the death of (and on-going war on) the family and it genuinely sadness me, on the other hand things are far too rigid back home and the concept of family can almost be suffocating."
Question 3: [1:57:20] – “I am a public school teacher and a resident of the small city in which I teach. I am surrounded by liberals and leftists at work. There will be a new high school built in our city within the next two years, at the cost of about $75 million. There is a faction that looks at that pile of taxpayer money and would love to turn the new high school into a giant ‘sustainability’ project. What is the best way to push back against this faction without appearing rude, combative, or crazy?”
Question 4: [2:11:05] – “Last fall, one of my underage teenagers (male) was groomed and sexually assaulted by a(n) (female) employee of the local government school. Since reporting the felonies against my child to the police, the defendant/abuser's family and friends physically threatened my family, including death threats. Last week, my residence was burglarized and some guns were stolen. Since then, death threats have been issued at my family online. The police and district attorney have begun investigating the crimes, which resulted from reporting the sexual assaults. As of today my family is in the process of moving to a different county for safety. Do you think this is the rational course of action, considering the current state of affairs in the USA?"
Question 5: [2:45:07] – “Do you think it goes too far to say that we in America are far along a path demonstrating the evils of elite (not by-the-people) government, and that to reform, we need to treat lying almost as severely as murder, teach children not to lie (and not gently), require (even force) our politicians never to lie, and stop paying people to lie (through commercially-sponsored TV including news) or broadcast or film other messages that lie or encourage lying. And, do you anticipate if the coming recession or depression is bad enough, due to the lies of fiat money and fiscal deceit, America will embrace this in a restoration of morality. I contend that a Torch of Truth is one of the three requirements for Liberty.”
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