3885 Avoiding Stress While Society Collapses - Call In Show - October 29th, 2017

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Question 1: [2:07] - “We feel like we have all the resources necessary to physically provide for our child, but our concern is how to raise them with a philosophical mind-set without compromising their overall socialization and avoiding them becoming disenfranchised and thus demotivated by society, education and work. Naturally core principles of philosophy are beneficial to these things, however, we are concerned that the current social climate means that our teaching will come across as requiring them to ‘swim against’ the norms and values they are taught in school or by friends, thus providing them with confusing messages. For example, the social shift towards ‘relativism’ for most aspects of life, including gender, runs counter to our views that not everything can physically be ‘relative’. These two opposing approaches are likely to cause an internal conflict for the child, perhaps forcing them to feel they must choose between either our views or the view of their school / peers. What can we do as parents to ensure the best outcome for our child, so that they grow in a loving and intellectually stimulating environment that will develop them into a strong and confident individual?”
Question 2: [24:27] - “I am an Australian, Christian, currently in university. My question is on the hot topics in our society is for last 13 years, marriage equality. It has been a long at times pointless roundabout debate which often devolves into name calling and accusations of bigotry. Now my alternative to this is removing marriage altogether as a government institution, that it becomes a tradition done within the community; this historically and religiously was its original intent. The alternative way of circumventing this issue is civil unions. This is legally similar to marriage without the load religious undertone; if the individuals want the marriage ceremony, they can then do this in what ever manner they want. Put plainly rather than a debate about marriage equality; the third alternative is the removal of government from marriage eliminating the issue altogether. When I discuss this as an option to people, it is either side step, ignored, or they don't seem to understand this as a conceptual way of approaching the issue. I am wondering is this a valid option I can campaign for in my community? If so what is the best way to construct it as a concrete argument, not as a much as moral one but a logical way of approaching the issue?”
Question 3: [57:20] – "Being someone on the far right who consumes a lot of information on a daily basis, how do I prevent having a constant feeling of anxiety about the future of my people, when every day I am either bombarded by news of European people suffering from the effects of the migrant crisis (grooming rings, unsafe schools, working class families being pushed into poverty etc.) or have to reconcile myself with our inevitable demographic decline and the abandonment of our European homelands to invaders from the Third World? I already moved from Germany to Eastern Europe, to at least have some peace of mind by not having to live in the midst of all this degeneration and civilizational decay. Yet I can't opt out of seeing the Sword of Damocles above so many things I love and care for. This feeling often prevents me from enjoying my daily life, which actually isn't bad, and makes most of my conversations with friends inevitably turn political. Stefan and I might not have the exact same world view, but I would like to know how he, as a professional political commentator who does see some of the same dangers looming on the horizon, would recommend to deal with this kind of anxiety?"
Question 4: [1:53:54] – “I am a Trump supporter who legally brought a foreign family member into the US on a DACA related program, and now realize that this family member is threat to me, and may be to this country. It is clear that he does not respect the US, and much less myself, but will do anything in his power to not return to Venezuela where he was born - given the obvious madness there. I have to choose between A) end all legal processes with him, and attempt to send him back to Venezuela, and face the retribution from my anti-Trump/pro-immigrant social circle and my family who don’t believe he is a problem for me or this country, or B) allow him to remain and burden my beloved USA with yet another anti-American, parasitic, pseudo-refugee who will make it harder for a more deserving immigrant. How do I choose between A or B? What is more important here: humanity or conscientiousness? Should I give this person one more chance, or should I take preventative means to preserve myself and this nation?”
Question 5: [2:31:17] – “Is it worth it to go after a guy who is smart, with a good personality, but also has various issues? All things rational probably should say run away, but I find plenty of reasons to stay. I see a bright future, and lots of potential in this guy. He's faced some major setbacks in life, like medical issues, problems with alcohol, deaths in his family, and hasn't got a career going. However, when I talk to him I connect on a deep level. I really care about him, but I don't want to be wasting time on someone who can't provide me with the life I want. I see potential, but I'm not sure how much time we have. There's been some tension in my family with me dating him, but they've never met him, and he's come a long way in improving himself since I've known him for about a year. I've seen a bit of a rift form between myself and my family, but I also wonder if that's just part of me growing up and starting my own life. What can I do to help him, help myself, and stay right with my family?”
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