3911 Baby Boomers: The Selfish Generation - Call In Show - November 22nd, 2017

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Question 1: [1:50] – “As a young male, I would like to ask how important you would view the role of either an ambitious career with a company or entrepreneurship to self-esteem, emotional health, and feeling of purpose in men specifically? Knowing you have a background in software entrepreneurship, I’d like to know how important your business experience was to shaping your philosophy regarding the importance of having purpose.”
Question 2: [24:46] – "I consistently hear you extol the virtues of the free market while you rail against the excesses of the state. My personal experience in working inside of a wide sampling of both agencies of the state and various international banking institutions has shown the reverse to be true in practice. To what degree is systemic corruption applied, valued, or discounted in anarcho-capitalist ideologies?"
Question 3: [45:23] – “I was born in 1951, and that entitles me to the Boomer label, I am told. I am mystified as to why you speak so scathingly about this demographic. Could you expand on this for me, just so I understand this bias for my own future reference when it comes at me personally? I bring this up because, like many free-thinkers, I do not own what others assume about me, and it might be fun to talk with you, as a voice from outside the categories and statistics which you may or may not be referring to. I am also aware that your childhood traumas come from a mother who is probably a Boomer, so that explains the emotions I hear in your voice when you blame the Boomers for most of the ills of the world. For this, I have compassion. You are free to ask me anything about my childhood, my birthing and raising of children, my marriage, my post-menopausal reality, my livelihood(s), my political, spiritual, philosophical views. Perhaps you would agree that I am not really worthy of the Boomer label, except for my age, which I can do nothing about, nor feel ashamed of. A conversation about being old might be helpful for you too!”
Question 4: [1:29:09] – “Me and my fiancée have been together seven years and have two children. We love each other very much and have a great relationship but I have a sneaking paranoia that the trauma of our childhoods is boiling under the surface and threaten to spill over onto our children. I guess the crux of the issue is determinism. My fiancée and I are both from a long line of broken families from an Indian reservation. Has the multi-generational failure of our ancestors to maintain stable family units, imprinted to deep upon us the self-destructive urge to break our family apart? I believe that we all have free will but has the joining of our hundreds of years of combined nature and nurture towards brokeness created conditions that make it improbable for our family to succeed?”
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