4/8/17 - Principles Are Missing, But Not Missed By Anyone!


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In this episode, Jonathon discusses the underlying principles behind free trade, the Filibuster Rule in the Senate, 9/11 being sacred and has a special Easter message. · What is the G20? · Free trade dropped · Why free trade is about the individual · Example of Jonathon’s recent purchases and effect of tariffs · GOP going nuclear on Gorsuch confirmation · What precedent does this set? · What is a filibuster? · 9/11 is sacred · Responding to vile & sick Rosie O’Donnell · ISU college assignment · YES, there is a right answer · Warning we should give kids & future generations · Easter message – how have we grown as people? · An opportunity for freedom Please subscribe for free future weekly episodes and share this episode with your family and friends. God Bless. www.freedomsdisciple.com Twitter: @FreedomDisciple Facebook: www.facebook.com/freedomsdisciple

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