Quit OR Not To Quit, That Is The Question!


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Jonathon returns after a short break and opens up about a lot of the feelings he has experienced over the last 12 months as he no longer recognizes America in many ways. However he reveals the solution he found, and it might work for you aswell. - America the country is GREAT - 2 Americas? Time to embrace it. - Idea of America - Earthly possessions / more unhappiness - Political sides - Democracy / Populism - Washington / Paine French Connection - Where is the Constitution - America is Not Exceptional Clip - What are the solutions? - Speech about not giving up. - The Future? Please subscribe for free future weekly episodes and share this episode with your family and friends. God Bless. www.freedomsdisciple.com FREEDOMS DISCIPLE – FAITH – HOPE – LOVE – CHARITY www.freedomsdisciple.com In this episode, Jonathon discusses the underlying principles behind free trade, the Filibuster Rule in the Senate, 9/11 being sacred and has a special Easter message. Twitter: @FreedomDisciple Facebook: www.facebook.com/freedomsdisciple

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