Delia Cai's Deez Links is a Snapchat streak that grew up to be a newsletter


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Deez Links is "a dailyish link to cool shit happening in & around the media industry." Each day, Delia Cai - also Growth & Trends Editor at Buzzfeed - sends out one link. Just one link. She really sells it, in the way you'd want a particularly well-informed and fun friend to sell it to you. It's working out for her - Deez Links turned three in February, and was recently voted fourth most popular media newsletter, after Nieman Lab, Axios and American Press Institute.

Delia guests on the podcast to talk about how she wanted to take the quick wit of a Snapchat streak and turn that into a newsletter; how extra her third birthday celebrations for Deez Links were, but the community she built loved meeting in IRL, so actually, it was just enough; and the joy of having a passion project.

Here's my take on how an enjoyable side project can rev up your creativity.


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