When news met the internet, with Twitter's Director of Curation, Joanna Geary - Part One


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Joanna Geary started out as a print journalist in 2004 - as a business reporter on the Birmingham Post - and ended up in charge of Twitter's Curation team in 2017. That's a job and a company that didn't exist when she started her career.

From blogging in Birmingham and using Facebook to find people on the scene of the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, to setting up Hacks/Hackers in London, via The Times' paywall and The Guardian's social strategy, Joanna tells me how her career has been shaped by working at the intersection of news and digital.

It's a period of time that's seen the news industry turned inside-out. Joanna got her big break into the nationals thanks to a Twitter DM, and she has great insight into how to manage culture change, digital innovation and managing a yearning to work in tech when she thought she'd always write for a living.

This is the first episode in a two-parter - make sure you tune in for next week's episode, where we follow Joanna's journey from The Guardian to Twitter (via a LinkedIn message).


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