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Isabelle Roughol is senior editor-at-large at LinkedIn. She joined the company in 2012 and built a global news team working in seven languages across Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

She considers the future of work and value-driven business, and publishes two columns: The Last Globalist, on living an open life in a world that’s shutting down, and Media in 60 Seconds, a weekly video series about the media industry. Isabelle got her start in newspapers, working as a reporter and editor for publications in the US, Cambodia and France.

On this episode, we talk about working in newspapers; what it takes to set up an international editorial team; and how us freelancers can use our LinkedIn profiles to tell the most compelling story of our unique careers. I even get a tour of their new London offices in The Guardian's old Farringdon Road building!

You can find Isabelle on LinkedIn here:

She's also on Twitter here:

Speaking of career narratives, here's one I wrote earlier this month:

Here's the piece on voice tech and my predictions for 2019 that I mention in the pod intro:


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