Getting More Clients (as an Introvert)


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On today’s show, I’m joined again by my friend Matt Olpinski for our coaching call with side-hustler-turned agency-builder Jason Frostholm.

After working on the side for years, Jason and his wife finally decided to take their freelancing full-time and build an agency together.

That was right before the global pandemic.

Now, after a year of eating into savings, they’ve used word-of-mouth to build up some good relationships and they have the beginnings of a solid client base.

But, as any agency-builder knows all too well, word-of-mouth marketing can be finicky and unreliable. So Jason wants to improve his marketing and sales to build a more predictable client pipeline.

The problem? He’s a bit of an introvert.

So today’s episode becomes all about promoting yourself and your business even when you're introverted like Jason.

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