Jazz Singer Anita O'Day / Remembering Robert Forster


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Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead offers an appreciation of singer Anita O'Day, who was born 100 years ago today. O'Day, who died in 2006, inspired the so-called cool jazz singers of the '50s. In her autobiography 'High Times, Hard Times,' O'Day explained that her last name was Colton, but she changed it to "O'Day," because in pig Latin that meant dough, and she hoped to make plenty of it. She spoke with Terry Gross in 1987.
Also, we remember actor Robert Forster who died last Friday at 78. He appeared in close to 200 films and TV shows. After decades in the business, his career was revived when Quentin Tarantino cast him as a good-hearted bail-bondsman in 'Jackie Brown.'
Film critic Justin Chang reviews the satirical Nazi film, 'Jojo Rabbit.'

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