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Hello listeners! My name is Sonya Freeman and I am a 29-year-old fourth year medical student going into Psychiatry. I have a particular interest in psychoanalysis and its use in my generation, the millennial generation. Millennials tend to move fast and psychoanalysis tends to move slow. Millennials are into the new and the now, while psychoanalysis is known for being outdated. Despite these differences, I think there is a distinct millennial need for psychoanalysis brought on by the advent of social media, online dating, texting, etc. In Freudian Flex, we will explore the ways that the psychoanalytic school of thought addresses these millennial issues in a series of interviews with psychoanalysts. Follow us on Instagram @freudianflex. For all inquiries, contact us at Recording/Editing: Daniel Radin Original Music: Nicholas Guarnotta

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