EP 11 Yue Xu on Dating, Entertainment, and Self-Exploration


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“Instead of trying to focus too much on myself and being in my head, let me focus on other people. Let me try to solve their issues and in turn maybe that’ll help me solve my own issues” - Yue Xu After moving to the United States at 8 years old from China and becoming a citizen, she changed her name to Yosemite after joking with her mother. She loved going to her grandmother’s disco dancing classes from a very young age. These are just a couple of fun facts about my latest guest on the podcast, Yue Xu. This is one of my favorite interviews to have done because of her openness and the way she demonstrated both persistence and creativity in her life journey. After college, Yue moved to Los Angeles and became a professional dancer on the side of her full time job where she auditioned for a Missy Elliott music video. Yue realized she had a passion for market research while conducting surveys and became fascinated by asking the right questions that combined elements of both business and psychology. This made sense for her as she was always a great listener. She liked to get to the root of issues by constantly asking the question “why” which would later contribute to her business in dating and relationships. Her first client told her that listening to him speak about his dating problems was something he would pay her for. Later, when she was 25 and sitting in an office, she realized that she wanted to be an influencer for other people. The idea of becoming a TV host popped up in her mind after watching Ryan Seacrest on television. So she started recording demo reels of herself and sent them to different news agencies and fortunately, they were looking for people just like her. Yue would later move to Beijing where she became the host of the Chinese version of the UK series “The Gadget Show” where she would get the enjoyment of checking out the latest inventions from new technology companies. She says there are different personalities for different industries; some people are comfortable with a trajectory while others are more comfortable experimenting with a lot of new things. She recommends focusing on two or three things you can be really good at through trial and error if you’re in the latter category. Write a list of all the things you’re interested in and try those things. For anyone in their first job, she recommends treating your it like a training ground for what your ideal career and to compartmentalize it so you can spend the rest of your day exploring other interests. She also explained that it’s natural to hit your mid-20s and start questioning everything including how you would like to contribute to the world. This was a great interview and I highly encourage folks in their 20’s to give it a listen here. You can follow Yue on Instagram @nonplatonic or visit her website yuexu.com. Additionally, she has a podcast on dating called Dateable where her and her co-host hold candid conversations about dating in San Francisco.

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