The Official Gary Vee Rap feat. Anna-YC


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@GaryVee Beat from A Jingle I wrote for Gary Vaynerchuk. Lyrics: Chorus: Here’s a little celebration For all the folks in the Vayner Nation And a little rap ther-apy Before you ask Gary Vee Oooh, Oooh A little wine from the library It’s time for the Daily Vee Let’s go and ask Gary Vee Verse: It’s Gary Vee So Merrily Here’s a little rap therapy And a children story, just like Slick Rick Top of his game, the Jet’s first pick It was a long time ago, up in Bela-rus In the days of the Cold War and Dr. Seuss He came to the country in exchange for some wheat Gary Vee is his name was the word on the street (breath) Never did well in school, got D’s and F’s Never played by the rules, no need for the refs He sold baseball cards, back in school Made a few thousand dollars, he was on to something cool Later on down the road, started wine lib-rary Look around on YouTube and you see young Gary With the drinks and the wine, made of resin out of pine, As you see it on the screen, taste through the grapevine Vayner Media was his next big hit In 2009, he wouldn’t even quit Despite the success of the wine business Along with the brother, and they’re feeling so amibitious Social media king, no need for the bling Footwear budget like a shoestring 4 Time New York Bestseller Ask Gary Vee He’s helping others out because of empathy No complaining allowed, in the sky not a cloud, Remain positive, break away from the crowd He’s a war time general, disturbing the peace Self-awareness is what he hopes to increase Thank you economy, time to go crush it But be patient, no need to rush it Well I guess that’ it, buy the new book Give me three jabs, I’ll give you a right hook

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