The Official School Of Greatness Rap (feat. Anna YC)


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Beat from @Lewishowes Lyrics: Chorus: It’s the School of Greatness, found my A-List, yeah. Woah Woah Verse: One more time for the man and his name’s Lewis Howes Back when I was little, used to read about how nows, and brown cows Went on the Internet up to Amazon, figured I’d do a little browsin For anything that would help me to improve Get me in the groove, something my parents would approve, of I was feeling all aimless, wasting time on Craigslist Right then and there I found it, the school of greatness (say it how Lewis Howes says it) Hopped right on the wait list, try to find my A-List But anyway, He started on his sister’s couch, never really was a slouch Wrote a book about LinkedIn, through the terms that he thinks in, circles that he drinks in, take a moment let it sink in Are You’re feeling down on your luck? Well listen to the episodes with Gary Vaynerchuck and Tony Ro-b-b-i-ns, going down in history and that’s the rest of the rap, hope it wasn’t tasteless, Now let me introduce you to the School-of-Greatness

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