The Uup Podcast Rap (prod. DopeBoyzMusic)


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Lyrics: I’d like to let loose And introduce You to a couple my homies Here to help you reproduce It’s the sultan of the swipes and he looks just like Ross That’s Uncle JT he’s the King of the Ha’s Jordana Abraham with Betches media So much knowledge coming out you like encyclopedias It’s a top ten podcast in comedy Yeah I think we’d all agree and it’s called uup A couple of hosts will keep you well engaged Whether in the studio or they’re live and on the stage They’re answering your emails with the red flags and dealbreakers Yeah they wanna be your matchmakers Coming up soon so you can hold your applause For the number one show like a gift from Santa Clause And if you don’t believe me well it’s therapist prescribed Just do them both a favor with that rate, review, subscribe Cause I need a little u up in my life If you wanna find a husband or a wife And don’t fear, chive on and be calm And hit em up That’s u u p at that Instrumental was found on JeeJuh's SoundCloud page

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